Rush - Tears (Lyric Video)

Music video by Rush performing Tears. (C) 1976 Mercury Records

Rush - Tears (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Rest In Peace, Neil. Your lyrics and drumming will never be matched
I just heard about the loss of Neil Peart. I am crying listen to this masterpiece. Rest In Peace Professor
This was Geddy's song. Now it's Neil's. One of my all time heroes died this week.
Pamela Lee
This was my wedding march. We were married September 17, 1988. We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this fall and this will be our first dance.
Ahmed Brlal
rip neil...
Marcelo Guimaraes
Rest in Peace Neil. Your legacy is eternal.
Daniel Crosmas
Rush, strangely remains unacknowledged, insofar as their being a true, super-group amongst the international great rock bands that are commonly attributed said connotation. Led Zeppelin, a great group, but, have been over-analyzed, over-exposed. The same could be said for the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones. All super, integral groups, however, amongst the world movers and shakers, the groups whose singular contribution is so unique, inspiring, bearing a technique like no other groups approach to Rock/Progressive Rock. Whether it is, the breathtaking timing, kept so tight, there is no room for error, the lyrics, which through Neil Peart, brought subjects to song that were not those like other groups. Be it Ancient Grecian stories of gods and goddesses, otherworld space and time travel, science-fiction-like stories, depictions of possible futures, or making modern hero's from the past of literature, like Tom Sawyer, or hero's that reside amongst us, such as Cinderella Man or Working Man. All of these attributes, combined with the beauty of the compositions, the astounding range of Geddy Lee's vocal's, bearing a unique, and very effective Rock-voice, as well as a soft, personal voice that emits the intonations of sweetness, caring, love. Their shared TO/Canadian roots, having grown up together since childhood, Geddy and Alex, have a connection that without doubt, added to their sense of synchronicity, affinity, and very loyal friendship, which again, is not often the case in most groups, past or present. Hence, it is not All about business, but, also about a team that together desired to expand upon their own vision of their own kind of music, and to take that as far as they could possibly take it. They took it, over time, to an International status, able to sell out shows, anywhere in the world. Neal Peart, had been voted 'World's Greatest Drummer', by a United Kingdom music association and magazine producer, in 1979. Many groups, following Rush, such as Metallica, cite the incredible influence Rush had on their own music, and everyone was astonished upon realizing that this incredible, powerful sound was coming from a three-man band of Canadian boys. Rush, truly deserves their rightful place, amongst the greatest groups of all-time. Amongst the other big-hitters, that endowed the world with an essential piece of musical history and extremely laudable achievements.
A beautiful song and one of my all time favourites. Rush were way ahead of their time
Brad Holloway
The first RUSH album I bought was 2112 in 1976. Every song on the album is great and really love "Tears".
Kenny TV
Totally underrated song. Loving these new videos!
gamer jc
Lifeson May not have the flashy Van Halen or R.Rhodes solos but he was second to none in songwriting. Just excellent riffs in on styles. You always hear about Lee and Peart, which is as it should be,but Lifeson is the meat of the sandwich.
What a beautiful soul Neils was, crying as I listen to his words and playing.. Rest in peace, and thank you so very much for the soundtrack to my life.
Jason Vancura
The mellotron on here reminds me of the Moody Blues.
when alice in chains covered this it was GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Art Savvy Southpaw
My angsty 12 year old body/mind/spirit loved this song. My angsty 55 year old body/mind/spirit loves this song and I thank you Neal Peart for sharing your talents with the Universe. RIP and fly away to wherever and whenever, rest easy and rest well.
C Blanc
Alice In Chains just covered this and it's fantastic!
Lisa Holcomb Krahl
My heart is so broken. Neil. You know how fucking amazing that you were, right!? RIP. I played your songs all night at the club for everyone. I made them listen to the awesome. You will be so missed. Geddy and Alex. Prayers for your btoken hearts
Mandi Mayer
We will miss the best drummer ever omg
Gabbiel Oficial
Todas as estações
E todos os dias
Todas as razões
Por que eu me senti assim?
Por tanto tempo
Por tanto tempo

Então me perdi naquele sentimento
Eu olhei nos seus olhos
Eu reparei emoção
E que você havia chorado
Por mim
Eu consigo ver

O que me comoveria mais profundamente
Lágrimas que caem dos olhos
Que só choram?
Comoveria você mais profundamente
Do que lágrimas que caem dos olhos
Que sabem por quê?

Uma vida inteira de perguntas
Lágrimas na sua bochecha
Eu experimentei as respostas
E meu corpo estava fraco
Por você
A verdade
This song came on my Rush shuffle, and it never does. This happened at the exact moment I wrote my tribute to Neil on my Facebook. We are ALL connected!