Rush - Lessons (Lyric Video)

Music video by Rush performing Lessons. (C) 1976 Mercury Records

Rush - Lessons (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Tod DeMore
As epic as side one of 2112 is, side two are some of their best and most over looked songs.
Pete M
Geddys bassline is like a bumblebee, just hums along and holds the song
So... his dad is the priest in the Temple of Syrinx?
Kenneth Skaggs
This is one of my favorite tunes of Rush since the first time I heard it when it was released. 2112 should be in everyone's music library !
Axel Dorman
the beginning riff sounds reminiscent of ramble on
2/1/12 at the beginning ;)
I think this video sheds some light to Alex's story. (:
Rest In Peace Neil Peart, the greatest drummer of all time.
Dennis Ramstein
Takes me back to 1975. Sitting in an older friend's 1964 Chevy Impala, his high school graduation tassel hanging from the rear view mirror. We're buttered on Mexican, singing full voiced with the RUSH 2112 tape (8 track) in a national forest park on the outskirts of Louisville Kentucky.
Most underrated Band, drummer and lyricist in rock, RIP Neil, you brought joy and expanded my mind as a teenager, thank you for the memories.
Rodrigo Duarte Santana
You didn't listen Alex!! THANK YOU !!!
Zarion 11
Best song of Rush. I had to listen again.
Joseph Lopez
Me and my friends would listen to this Album Day and Night back in the 70's and I still never get tired of these songs, many memories of good times and old forgotten friends .
Master's Apprentice
Please, can we expect this lyrics videos for moving pictures next??
This song still has a magical effect on me after all this time. We played this album endlessly, with our favorite chronic, in the 70's. A lot has changed since then, but you know....the more that things change the more they stay the same.
Charlie Miller
This song is "Reminding me, Just how close I came to missing" it by listening to side (the best) 2.
Anna Maria Delgado
The illustrations are an excellent companion to the song. Who is the artist?
Peter Colello
awesome bass MR LEE
Andrew Osborn
That double symbol tho at 1:56
y t
sweet MEMORIES...
SWEET memories...