NEZ - Wild Youngster feat. ScHoolboy Q

Director: Nez

Produced by: Bay Dariz

Director of Photography: Jon-Michael Mooney

Editor: Bay Dariz

Art Director: Bobby Cabbagestalk

Stylist: Rita Alsaleh

Gaffer: Jay Carey

Production Design: Casey Daniel

Production Assistant: Rachael Shapiro

Production Company: Minutehand Pictures

NEZ - Wild Youngster feat. ScHoolboy Q Смотреть онлайн
Dee Phunk
This joint is eating, breathing, and sh*tting Chicago. So hard.
Why does this song remind me of get schwifty
Saxon O.
This sounds like a late 2000s banger 🔥
Meghan McFadden
NEZ: I want to make people feel again. I want to make people dance.
Mission achieved. Song got this fat 46 year old white woman tearing up the living room.
Kacper F
This gonna be huuuge just wait 🔥🔥
randomly searched Q and now I’m hooked up to this one
This feels like I just walked into a random tent at coachella rolling hard af
So happy Spotify showed me this hit
Jay Throw
Same Nez and Rio that produced "Man of The Year," among countless other Q hits. Chicago staples! Let's not forget their jams as "Some x Y" too. This song is too fire!
Kaif Life
Крутой трек ребята!)
mc joi krokodeel 1
Уфф, горячий стафф
Don't know who Nez is... but if Q hope on a tune with him I'm now intrigued.
Time to go down the rabbit whole on Nez.
Ruest Joshua
Made me spit out my coffee laughing at Q's verse "I can see your thing through your shorts, baby, woah" 😂🤣 great work guys! this will be in my playlist on repeat for a while👍 from Canada🇨🇦🇨🇦
Fresh Heat
Sounds like old school Chicago house
Myron Gainz
Outlandish production would've NEVER thought I'd hear q on house👹🔥🔥
This reminds me of early Neptunes production - I dig.
The beat seams similar to a French Rap song : "Disiz - Abuzeur"
Donat Viktorov
Does anyone know who dat girl at 0:07 she fine af🔥
Abhijeet Kundan
Wow didn’t expect Q to go off like that! This whole song is a vibe it’s been on repeat
Jpointwood stip
Yoo and the homie mensa in this too I see you!