Wiz Khalifa - Real Rappers Rap [Official Music Video]

Produced by @BigJerm412

#wizkhalifa #taylorgang #realrappersrap

Wiz Khalifa - Real Rappers Rap [Official Music Video] Смотреть онлайн
Ryan Matson
This is the type of Wiz we need..
Zak Keels
This wiz takes me back to High school smokin blunts wit the homies
Shishir tamang
May your mother will live over 💯 years. If you turn like button blue.
Retro the Pharoah
When he said “psss psss psss”. I felt that
Jake Ormand
Damn sounds like the old Wiz. This is straight fire.
This the wiz I ain’t heard in a while
Jay 1989
No signature laugh in the whole song? Imagine that
Nameless Vermillion
Mac probably would have loved to collaborate with you on this Wiz.
He’s backkkkkkkkkk he just restored my faith in humanity
Robgs 89
I ain’t heard this Wiz in a while. Love him regardless.
M Mallard
Wiz khalifa fans Like ❤❤❤❤ #thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍👍
Terrell Alleyne
I wanna start smoking again cause this song gonna hit different if I’m high
Novel Lino
This gave me a goosebumps like going back to old young daze.
Ballystarr TV
This got that Burn After Rolling Feel
Aaron Elsdon
Looks like wiz from "on my level"
"Hop in the whip quick and turn the volume up" felt that
Lol Minajisty
Klayton fought this girl at school and she left him bleeding.
Wiz sounds like hes hungry to make slaps again I love it.
Osman Khan Official
Wiz Khalifa man is back!!!!!!
Mrcs Spvl
Feels like a throwback. wish i was on my early 20's smoking without a care