Young M.A "Numb/Bipolar" (Official Music Video)

#YoungMA #Numb #Bipolar #HerstoryInTheMaking

Numb produced by Antwan “Amadeus" Thompson, Anthony “Bruce Leroy” Barfield & Orrin “ Dr. O” Wilson of Velocity Music for Platinum Boy Music Inc.

Bipolar - produced by OZ & Syksense

Video directed by Marc Diamond

Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios

Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

Young M.A "Numb/Bipolar" (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
You already know its lit when the wolf howls in the beginning
When you see the wolf and you instantly have an epiphany of how dope the sound you're about to hear is.
Baylea Groomer
"ever since I cheated, you changed" LMFAO. I'd change too if you cheated on me. TF? Lol song is GOOD though.
Lee Haynesworth
Lol. M.A out here cheatin' and sound like the victim.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel J
I hope M.A gets through this, seems like a low point mentally. No one deserves pain. Stay strong ✌🏻❤
She's more ALPHA than most of these rappers out here.
Tia Marie
No i dont pop no pill, i just smoke weed and I chill
Lil Baab
I Hope Who Ever Reading This Comment Right Now Become Successful 🙏
This screams Aries😂😂selfish asf. Know the girl mad and ahe tryna make her eat tf😂😂
jadran mesinovic
she kinda looks like a female gunplay
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Joel Lee
Please do not do “drugs”.
We have lost too many people to it; already.*
Tyron Turner
"Ever since I cheated, baby, you changed"

What'd you expect? I'm just sayin' lmao. but fr, this track ain't bad.
Brandon Wilson
I swear she the only artist that be having me put my videos on replay. I'm in a amazing mood now just because of this song.
Joe Smith
I'm here waiting on this banger cause she never disappointed yet.
Brea Hunt
There just ain’t enough words to explain how dope she is. I dig how she went with a lil different vibe with this song. She killed it, once again❤️🔥
This Songs gets me high without smoke
'I'm not in the mood, for your mood swings" - - ok.
Musa B
Taking drugs and going numb ain’t the solution.