Redman - Slap Da Shit Outcha [Official Music Video]

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Redman - Slap Da Shit Outcha [Official Music Video] Смотреть онлайн
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I played this over about 20 times straight and had my family saying, "why you keep playing the same song over again". That's when I slapped the shit out them too!
Simard's Surveillance Systems
Only Redman Could Have Made Something Like This & Still Keep His Respect...Brick City All Day.
This man gives a disclaimer then drops a blunt on a baby lmao GOAT
This is gonna be on deck throughout the day for when people start acting stupid.
Jo SoZen
Internet: ememinem dropped a surprise alb-......
Me: first we listen to Redman
baq alfaham
This entire song is like listening to the terms and agreements of redman. Lol goat status
Noal Madden
Redman is cool as hell, he never takes his self seriously. He is down to earth.
Kevin NV
We so lucky we still got real niggaz like these from our era giving us something to bump to... about the mumble rappers, well someone ought to slap the sh£& out of them
This negro is a fool for this, lol loved everything about it
Born Beaut-i-ful
Now go listen to “I’ll be dat” by Redman from ‘98 shows part of why he’s an underrated legend
Ben Nyce
The Dislikes 👆 is how many people who got Shit slapped out them 👋💥💥😄
Nerf Block
The best song I could have heard this morning. Cause I'm ready to jump off the train Like Bernie Mac with my backhand ready.
Booger Face
"White people call me Red-men"... Man, I giggle everytime I hear him say that
Synester Gates
Glad this showed up on my recommended . red man the goat
Goodnight Wibbity
Who need to borrow some money from Me "" Then I smash the shit out of you"" LooL am in Love with 2020 Moves heheheh Show Redman some love
if this came out before 2013, he wouldn't have a disclaimer in the beginning and no one would have cared
Shaudy McKenzie
Redman is one of the most underrated legends of all time and he stays so original. Love him bro
Kill All Reptiles
Easily the best song written since anything that came out in 2019.
This sounds like a song Ludacris could've made. I can hear him rapping this in my head.
Adrienne Hitchcock
oooh shit yeah. Glad I left "those people" in the past. Sharing this with everyone kept around.