Rapsody - In The Town ft. Nomsa Mazwai

Music video by Rapsody performing In The Town (feat. Nomsa Mazwai). 2013 Jamla Records / Culture Over Everything

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Esau Sello
The most underrated hip hop artist. Hang in there Rapsody, i bet when the world recognize you they'll regret not listening to you when the time was right.
Afrocent Khethe
after listenning to this it makes me wonder why are we listenning to Nicki Minaj
Matthew Linque
she isn't new she just doesn't get played on the radio Rapsody has been around for some years now
Wakanda Savage 9000 AF
Real Life Hip Hop..
Christian Love
dam she actually good we dont even get this now in day smh I wish I live though 80s and 90s music and who can hate this
Evelina Holmlund
This is really that kinda hip hop I wanna listen to. Hiphop for me is real things and lyrics that have a message and that we can relate to. Wow I love this. But it is sad that the good ones is underrated...
Togzin Nhla
omg that beat..9th is a mastermind
adina ramirez
Damn..love this jam..
"Town, town, in the town..." this is addictive! Anyone knowing where it's sampled from?!
Upcoming Ministries
Mad love sis....real music
she remind me of Bahamadia
One hell of a storyteller Carolina's at it's finest
Percival Mkhuleko Dlamini
This lady is on fire! That verse on K.dots- Complexion(Zulu Love Letter)
Moe DeNiro
I love this song. I love this video. This is the essence of Hip Hop. It is real. It is raw. It is art in rhyme and visual. The cinematography in this video was absolutely beautiful. Bravo. Well done. Moe DeNiro Editor/Publisher Celebrity Times Magazine
I love that beat. Interesting song theme.
'The Idea of Beautiful' <-- this
9th wonder making wonders
im gonna have watched all rapsodys videos at this rate. rapsody you are truly a gem. 
Camilla Galvão
simplesmente demais!!
Rapsoddddddddddddddddy! A South African in love with your music. S/O to Nomsa too!