Allen Stone - Brown Eyed Lover (Live Performance) | Vevo

Allen Stone - Brown Eyed Lover (Studio Performance)

A soulful tenor that effortlessly glides into falsetto and romantic lyricism powerful enough to melt the coldest heart - that’s the Allen Stone recipe. But it wasn’t always guaranteed. Stone, now in his early thirties, spent the last decade figuring out how to square a music career with fulfilling romantic and family relationships. All those priorities are important; And the title of the Pacific Northwesterner’s most recent full-length, “Building Balance,'' indicates that he’s come close to cracking the code. Don’t let the chic lumberjack aesthetic fool: You’ll hear some Stevie Wonder in his voice, a dash of early 70s Motown warmth in the record’s production. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and two fantastic background vocalists, Stone glided through twinkling renditions of “Brown Eyed Lover” and “Give You Blue.”

Allen Stone


Executive Producer: Micah Bickham

Director: Kyle Goldberg

Producer: Emily Louick

Director of Photography: Bram VanderMark

Editor: Kevin Rose

Music & Talent: Parul Chokshi & David McTiernan

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Kiani Dell
This song will forever be amazing.
itzz lejj
this whole album never gets old. such raw talent
Antonio Herrera
Who tf disliked this song?
David Sizemore
I love singing this song to my blue eyed wife!
Clarissa L
the original makes me so hype that i feel like punching someone everytime, while this version makes we wanna hug everyone and cry at the same time
Loren Neufeld
Wow! I'm wondering if this version might be 'close' to his original demo [at home or wherever] when he composed it?!?!! Excellent!
Carla Martins
I didn't want this song to end.
Why are you so talented, Allen Stone?!
Respect! 👏👌🤩
Tania Ezell
You sound like Stevie Wonder
the hobbyist
Man , you are crazy, sick, talented!! PERIOD!
Clarissa L
Curtis Challenger
One of my favs by this amazing artist! Everything he does is magic...yes I said that! 😁
Daniellecnddyii0ouyrq. Parsons
You are so fucking amazing! I got to see you with Train and Goo Goo Dolls in PA this summer, I wish your set was longer!! Definitely one of my favorites ever, love you and your voice!!!
Bri Johnson
All he's doing with these live videos of the songs from Building Balance is making me love the songs more. I would download every version if it was available.
Big Al
Great super cool as usual. I better not see one dislike on this!
April Coley
I'm always in awe... looovveeeee everything about his sound. He sounds the same in concert...puurrffeeccttiioonnnn..
Carla Marupo
Thank the lord for blessing us with Allen Stone 💕
My god!!!! He truly is a gift from god!! I could listen him all day!!! 😻😻
Integrity Coop
Jax teller is a hell of a singer.. Who'd have thought it.
L8ter Dazer
When's the acoustic album coming out again, Allen?!
HEAR YE HEAR YE! On this day, January 16 2020 at 12:12pm, let it be known that I will have this song on repeat for quite a long time.