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Allen Stone - Give You Blue (Studio Performance)

A soulful tenor that effortlessly glides into falsetto and romantic lyricism powerful enough to melt the coldest heart - that’s the Allen Stone recipe. But it wasn’t always guaranteed. Stone, now in his early thirties, spent the last decade figuring out how to square a music career with fulfilling romantic and family relationships. All those priorities are important; And the title of the Pacific Northwesterner’s most recent full-length, “Building Balance,'' indicates that he’s come close to cracking the code. Don’t let the chic lumberjack aesthetic fool: You’ll hear some Stevie Wonder in his voice, a dash of early 70s Motown warmth in the record’s production. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and two fantastic background vocalists, Stone glided through twinkling renditions of “Brown Eyed Lover” and “Give You Blue.”

Allen Stone


Executive Producer: Micah Bickham

Director: Kyle Goldberg

Producer: Emily Louick

Director of Photography: Bram VanderMark

Editor: Kevin Rose

Music & Talent: Parul Chokshi & David McTiernan

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Paul Schmitz
Just a FYI - the backup singers are a couple that were picked out by Allen after they sang with him on stage at one of his Karaoke Extravaganza shows. He embedded his fans into this beautiful version. And now I'm crying.. thanks guys!
Arie Roberts
no doubt, he’s going down as one of the greats... the world may not see it now but mark my words
Mark Marlatt
I want a duet with teddy swims and allen! Beards and all. Would be epic!
Big Al
Sometimes the most valuable things don't readily rise to the surface (ex. diamonds and gold) but are discovered because someone went through the effort to find something of great value. You ain't here to discover Allen Stone, you are here because you are a discriminating listener who knows great value. And Allene Stone is of great value as an artist
Dana Hopkins
Alan's songs don't come from the heart , they come from his very soul. They are way too deep to come from any place else.
Riner Rodriguez
I can't stop the rain
But I will keep you dry
If the shore feels far away
I'll be by your side
When the storms arise
I will shelter you
When your sky is gray
I will give you blue

I can't move a mountain
I am just a man
I can't undo what's said
But I will understand
And although it may hurt
Baby, I'll tell you the truth
'Cause when your sky is grayed
I will give you blue

I can't stop the rain
But I will wipe your tears
I wish I could take what hurts you
And make it disappear
But I can't work no miracles
But I'll do what I can do
When your sky is gray
Baby, I will give you blue
When your sky is gray
I will give you blue
Give you blue
I will give you blue
Give you blue
I will give you blue
Mathew Mailo
I'll never complain about another youtube ad. Especially if there's a possibility it'll bring me to greatness like this <3
If I had to listen to just one voice for the rest of my life, easily it would be Allen Stone.
I’ve probably listened to this song 50 times today
Remayn Official
Couldn’t be channelling Stevie more, especially with the glasses!
Absolutely beautiful.
Marta Clark
I'll take purple, green, or blue as long as the song has been sung by you.... Allen Stone! :- )
Big Al
Smooth as silk a well aged single malt scotch... cheers Allen!
Ted Byars
It’s a shame I can only like this once. Damn dude.
Loren Neufeld
To hell with AGT! THIS, ALLEN STONE, is the Answer! Just gotta LISTEN, you know.
Lillan Thompson
He has the most beautiful and soulful voice. A Real singer💖
Sarah Ann Gonzales
I don’t comprehend how this dude literally sounds 10x better live than his studio recordings. Damn.
R Nish
Often hear the “Stevie” tone/range but, I know it’s Allen. So beautiful, cuts to your soul. A similar feeling when listening to Eva Cassidy. Mahalo for Allen Stone!
Love it. The first time I heard this was at a concert you did with Andrew McMahon and I couldn't get it out of my head. So beautiful.
I miss this sound, old school vibes, just an acoustic, a beautiful main. And some light harmonies. So good
Justin Bumgarner
Does he have candy in his mouth and why has he been so red lately? Hope he's not over working.
I'm so glad I get the see him in Charlotte next month