Allen Stone - Upside (Top Of The Tower)

"Radius (Deluxe Edition)" available now and featuring 7 new tracks.

Official video for “Upside (Top of the Tower)” directed by Possum Hill and produced by Daylan Williams

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Music video by Allen Stone performing Upside. (C) 2015 Capitol Records, LLC

Allen Stone - Upside (Top Of The Tower) Смотреть онлайн
Raphael Garcia
I don't think the music world realizes how lucky there are to have Allen Stone... For real though!
Talent! There's some Stevie in his voice in the high notes..
He's the type that sounds best live. Or atleast that's how I feel.
Jeff Domansky
Allen is a great soulful singer and songwriter. Wish they would credit the terrifc band and backup singers on all clips.
Kay Ess
We need to get this man out there... he deserves more fans... i feel like he's underrated... im trynna get all my peeps to listen to him...he is awesome
Randy Lott
Brent always does such a great job holding it down on the bass.  He knows when to play and when to not play.  That's a true musician.
Wow. He's white? Never would have guessed. I heard this at work and thought it was Raphael Saddiq.
Ana Carreno
He is fantastic. I am so in awe with his talent...
Liticia Sikes
I love Allen Stone.
elli humphreys
omfg, voice goals
Otávio Bacchin
Allen, you became my favorite artist of soul music! Seriously, I hear at least a song every day, during bathing, going to work, to the university... It make me feel damn good!
Marisa U
A guy sang Unaware on The Voice Australia and i was so happy to hear it!!
Angela Lopez
Makes me think of old school reggae
David Ledbetter
Saw Allen at the Base to Space race in Seattle, then bought all his music. Amazing. Sorry I missed his Spokane show.
This my jam!
This is literally the exact same group I saw live. PLEASE DO A LIVE ALBUM!!
Thsi is someone who loves music. He plays instruments and writes songs on top of his natural singing gift and looks, wow. that s what you calla musician.
Ab Morales
I became a fan when I saw him as a guest singer on American Idol.. Love him
This is what I call Music.... Can't get enough of his music...
Ecaterina Bordeianu
His music makes me sooo happy!! He's the best, deserves more recognition!!