Allen Stone - Love (Top Of The Tower)

"Radius (Deluxe Edition)" available now and featuring 7 new tracks.

Official video for “Love (Top of the Tower)” directed by Possum Hill and produced by Daylan Williams

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Music video by Allen Stone performing Love. (C) 2015 Capitol Records, LLC

Allen Stone - Love (Top Of The Tower) Смотреть онлайн
Anything this man performs is pure gold
John Love
Those triplets at 2:22 are insane
jordan conner
Just saw him open for OAR in Chicago...killed it! You've got a new fan Allen Stone.
Alex Blast
From someone who feels like he is just a mediocre singer, guitar player and pianist, you inspire me to have the talent you have some day! Always enjoy listening to you Mr. Stone!
Kaleilehua Okimoto
He was AMAZING!!!! Come back to Hawaii SOON PLEEEEEASE!!!! One of theee best concerts Ive ever been to (:
Karl Hoyt
Some really clean backup vocals... those three fit like a hand in a glove!
Kaleilehua Okimoto
Oh this is so smooth!!! I cant believe I won tickets to see him!!! Ive been wanting him to come to Hawaii for years. Allen Stone, you are the man.
Genesys Moreno
He's voice is good for my soul
Allen stone became my new favorite artist this week. Right up there with my dude Gary Clark jr. And The Revivalists! As soon as I heard" Bed I Made" live I was sold for good .
You guys blend so great vocally
My fave jam off Radius. I LOVE Love!
Dana Hopkins
I miss the girls backing him up. But still love ya Allen
Luis Villalbazo
I think "everything you create, you make shine". (I know it's not the actual lyric)
Resa Whit
What?? I wish I would have known about his stuff way before now!
Google Account
Allen Stone, you are the truth!!!
Shane P
This song warms me in the cold winter nights like tonight xx
Clyde Cabriana
Food for my soul
bookbuk kim
Please upload the lyrics.
alvin lomio
loving your music since 2013. ❤️❤️❤️ from PH
Sharyn Marsh
Super Star !!! LOVE it. Keep groovin Allen !!!