Allen Stone - Freedom (Top of the Tower) [Official Video]

"Radius (Deluxe Edition)" available now and featuring 7 new tracks.

Official video for “Freedom (Live at Top of the Capitol Tower)” directed by Possum Hill and produced by Daylan Williams

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Music video by Allen Stone performing Freedom. (C) 2015 Capitol Records, LLC

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Allen Stone - Freedom (Top of the Tower) [Official Video] Смотреть онлайн
No one hears "Daft Punk - Get lucky" bass line?
Producer: So do you want a church vibe or a funk vibe
Allen Stone: Yes
Shanna Byrd-Jackson
He sounds like he is leading praise and worship at my church.
Zane Mills
3:22 Dude looks like he's just woken up and found himself in the middle of a song playing bass on top of a roof and is really confused but goes with it anyway.
Lamar Daniel
Love the song. He really needs to release a live album. The studio stuff just doesn't capture the same magic.
Georgia Mickens
Allen Stone, Best of the Best!! He should get way more attention. He is an excellent Soul Singer! I like this!
Sammy A.
No shame in admitting when I play this song I dance and jump around my living room how could you not move to this beat? That voice. You are absolutely amazing man. ✌💜💋🎙
M Miller
**Wow!!! Where have you been hiding? I did not know you even existed until I seen you on American Idol! You are a Legend!!!!**
Alex L.
Allen needs more recognition. He I so talented. I've been on him for the last 8 years or so. He just gets better.
p0wer up
This guy deserves way more respect, but sadly people have no ear for good talent anymore. I'd suggest he/they record more like this in studio (for album), as the album would be more full of energy.
Hary Aldi
this version is much better than the studio version
NinAset Thompkins-EL
I love how much they actually enjoy what they're doing. They don't have these 'just there' expressions, all of the band members are present in the song and you can see that they all actually truly feel and enjoy what they're doing!! Thank you!
Josh Taylor
definitely clapped with them the whole time. At my computer. Had a blast. Allen, you freakin rock.
Fallen World
He's like an early Robin Thicke, with a healthy dose of funk. Absolutely amazing.
Suzanne Rose Marin
Dear Allen, You inspire me! Like all of your life story, is something, I totally resonate with. You had a monster, that prevented you from being an artist, that was too. Only she was my mother. It was a nightmare, but the chains are breaking....Bless your heart. I mean bless your heart.
Christian Watts
Give his band some credit cause they're rockin for real 👏🏽
Sammy A.
00:59 Can't get over this part man. 👏💜✌ Go baby.
prowoman j
March 2019: just found this after seeing him on American Idol. Can't believe I didn't know about him sooner. Guy's friggin' talented!!!! Too much talent is going under promoted. Record companies wise up and push talent not popularity contestants.
Jim Green
This guy makes me smile.
Tenzin Longrig
God Allen stone I swear you are my inspiration. this just motivates me to keep going and trying. thank you for that!