Allen Stone - Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover - Live at Bear Creek Studio)

"Radius (Deluxe Edition)" available now and featuring 7 new tracks.

Directed By Keith Rivers

Produced By Workhouse Creative

Filmed at Bear Creek Studio, Woodinville, WA

Engineered by Jerry Streeter

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Allen Stone - Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover - Live at Bear Creek Studio) Смотреть онлайн
el law
Allen Stone, on behalf of all black people, you're officially invited to the cookout.
Stephen Angela
now the original is just a song I used to know
Doni Jones
His drummer is everything! Actually the whole band is ridiculously amazing...
Heaven is the Goal
People sleeping on Allen Stone
X Crow
Damn, thats got to suck to have a song that someone else takes and smashes the original to pieces. This blows the original out if the water. Epic!
He's like chicken noodle soup for your ears
Gotye: I'm going to make this song a hit

Allen: It would suck if I just destroyed the original version
Carol Brown
This is what music is supposed to sound like...
mario boggero
That drummer is insane!!
Paul Murray
This dude's got more soul than a sock with a hole!
Schquita Goodwin
This just made my list of covers that are better than the original:
1. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton),
2. Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Frankie Valli),
3. Allen Stone - Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye)
Sydney P
I'm lost for words...this is by far the BEST cover I have EVER heard!!! Incredible man.
Xavier DeBascho
This is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the original. DAAAYUM !!!
Oumaima Kebdi
19 dislikes ... HOW? WHY? DAFUQ?
Dom Robson-Tull
The tritone substitution in the chorus...WOO! There is some serious groove in this.
Antoine Bech
the drummer did an awesome job too ! listen to that riff at 2:44
Favor Mitchell
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even have any words. What is this magic?!?!?!?!?!?
Ryan Graves
Am I the only one that went from six to midnight after watching this!?!
now the original is just a song that I used to know
Chyna Deveroux
Didn't know I needed this version in my life, glad I found it.