Allen Stone - Unaware (1 Mic 1 Take)

Music video by Allen Stone performing Unaware. (C) 2014 Capitol Records, LLC

Allen Stone - Unaware (1 Mic 1 Take) Смотреть онлайн
cerita cinta
saya kesini karena melihat ziva di indonesian idol :)
tri hariyadi
Came here because Ziva Indonesian Idol 2019
Raphael Garcia
A couple years later and I'm still wondering why he's not playing on the radio?!?
if you think this is awesome...listen to the version in his mother's living room 4 years of the best things I have heard!!
Cassie Ward
This is going down as my favourite version of this song. He’s totally in the zone. No auto tune dancers smoke or mirrors. Just perfect lyrics sung over chilled guitar with true feelings. Home run.
Skylar Dayne
I'm so in love with him it's just not okay.
Angelica Joaquin
Saw him live in San Diego last month. So good.
Bobby Star
This is what genius looks like!
Jessica Equihua
I'm in love with his voice 💜 so much soul its ridiculous!
I bet this is what heaven feels like.
Alan Maulana
I lost in here because ziva thanks ziva because u i know this song i like it
Stacey C
Just found out who this guy is.
I’m listening.
The Third
Im gay because of him
Lawrence Orebeaux
I can hear a gospel music type approach to his music....gifted to say the lest.
Ebony Sanders
Allen Stone is my husband. Unfortunately, he is just unaware :)
Everyone who listens falls in love. <3
Hannah Huston brought me here. My favorite the voice artist.
Grace Pangan
Trent Harmon brought me here!
fransiskus pramono
Ziva make me come here to hear the original version
Nav Singh
Its 2019, this came out about 7-8 years ago now!!
1. How is there only 130K Subs?
2. Why is he not on the radio enough?
3. who da fuq these 29 people that dislike this?