Jon Bellion - Woke The F*ck Up (Acoustic)

“Woke The F*ck Up (Acoustic)” was shot and recorded in the legendary Capitol Studios

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Music video by Jon Bellion performing Woke The F*ck Up. (C) 2016 Capitol Records

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3 Things happened today:
1. my neighbour said he didn't like this song
2. he got hit by a bus
3. I lost my bus driver's license
I'm I the only one who likes the acoustic versions better than the real ones lol
Trent Canpee
I can't wait to say I used to listen to Jon Bellion before he was popular
Stella Luna
Ironically this song is really good to fall asleep to
This guy deserves to be heard by more people.
Dean Snyder
Anyone still listening to all the acoustics at least once a day?!
Thanos Car
"Coz we live in an age where everything is staged, all we do is fake our feelings"
Does anyone else realize how true that is?
holly dyana
His voice is so beautiful even when he's using expletives and I think that's my favorite thing about him. I rarely listen to explicit music but I've been sucked in ever since I saw him with twenty øne piløts :)
The lyrics are the words every girl wants to hear from a dude that's scared to commit ❤
Ray Day
Absolute legend. No autotune, no strange editing. pUrE sKiLL
1:05 - 1:07 goddamn his vocals 💎💯
hey bbg
This is my favorite one out of the acoustics. I love them all but this one is just the best in my opinion.
Suicidal Fandoms
I love how the original version makes everything seem happy and make you want to dance but this version can make you feel the true meaning of the song and understand the lyrics
Syrill Yumang
I fall inlove with his voice. What the heck I just found out about him now!! I must be livin' under the rock
His little laugh at 1:58 I DIED <3333
I could live in a box and not go out of it just listening to the human condition all day
Yassine Berebzi
I know this was like 4 years ago, but I still love his voice <3 Love you Jon, whenever my day was rough i'd listen to your songs. Thank you for you voice <3
FaZe Rain
Jesus Christ
Maleja Rodríguez
don't you just love it when he laughs in the middle of the song and it just gives you this huge feeling of happiness and your heart melts? cause same