EOB - Shangri-La

Really weird pronunciations of the word "EEEeeeeeeeedddd" throughout this song
EOB has been smoking with Damon Albarn. I love it.
I'm getting a bit of an LCD Soundsystem vibe.
i might be wrong
This sounds like Ed O'Brien!
Guy Farting
He's mastered the bleep bloops in this one. Considering buying the transparent green vinyl
EOD is to Radiohead what John Frusciante was to the Chili Peppers, or what Panda Bear is to Animal Collective, or what Harrison was to the Beatles.
Micah Buzan
Yes! Love your work. This is so unlike anything I was expecting. This song is a tapestry of genre-bending goodness.
So happy to have anything new from a member of Radiohead!
Absolutely love how you continue to surprise us. Didn't expect to hear your voice in high register!
Mankeerat Singh
Am I the only one who's getting early 2000 Beck vibes from Ed's music?
Danny Dynamo
Michael Gagges
I get a layered King of Limbs vibe from this.
Ricardo Cardenas
Awesome! The album is shaping up to be a brilliant mix of styles, but with a distinctive touch. Thank you, EEEeeeeeeeeeeddd!!! We love youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!
I honestly expected Treefingers: the album but this is different
Terrible Username Amirite?
I don't understand what I've just listened to but I think I like it.
André Mattos
I feel like;
There There (Radiohead) + Kraftwerk Style.
Great job, EOB!
Jesse Pentecost
When the heavy guitar kicks in it reminds me of NiN. Love it
He sings like Thom the same way Edge sings like Bono
Micah Tewers
Fucking awesome. This relaxes a deep part of me I didn't know was tense.