SAYGRACE - Gone (Official Video)

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Haidon Lucus
Serious question who’s the little girl in all your videos cause I want her to be my friend 😂
Lizzi Westwood
Honestly I love SAYGRACE but don’t know much about her. What’s up with the adorable girl little in the videos? If someone could shed light I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Terrell Motley
OMFG another song... Sis isn't hold out.. Baby I been ready for this... U keep releaseing bops after bops u havent disappointed me once.. Hell u couldnt even if u tired.... I love you so much..... Keep going Queen 👑
I think The fuck not
Love the concept with the children in the videos it’s different love her voice so much and the music? Bomb
Miss mondey
I’m loving the new you
Did she sample the beat? Because Lauren Sanderson used it as well?
Girl with Goals
Here before this freakin' blows up💫
karla ive
i think i act all tough and good gracious look at them kids, such badasses
Dracia J
Seen this on ig and had to come check it out💯💯💯 I’m highly impressed
Northern Witch
Another killer video. I love your dancers.
Sadoc Vazkez
Omg! Oyeron esa voz ❤😍
Voz de silbido
Kayla George
This is soo good omg
Alexarae Pomaro
Less than 1k likes... so underrated its horrible
Janet Lee
the girl in the camo >>>>>>>>>
how are there so little comments wth -
They act so sassy i LOVE it
Rishabh Bharadwaj
Interpolates "Everybody" by BSB, I guess 🤔
Are those whistle notes almost at the end ?😍
2 seconds in and I knew I loved this song!!!!
Guillem Bilbao
my fav with Priorities and Doin' Too Much... u are awesome Grace💖