Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats - ꞌCosmicꞌ.m4a

Music video by Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats performing ꞌCosmicꞌ.m4a. © 2020 PH Recordings, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.

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Lukas Black
This sounds like a song that would play during a boondocks fight scene
The animation was literally traced from other animated shows and movies. That's 100% theft
Watermalone 305
This is what happens when a gifted nerd gets money
Kara Gregory
Denzel curry is taking over 2020
Austin Leavitt
Denzel's skill just continues to grow to monumental heights. Constantly raising the bar. This Is wavey af
Too bad most of the fights scenes were traced.
I hope this means we can look forward to that Cartoon Denzel Curry wanted to make in the future.
Ακραίο καιρικό φαινόμενο #534
I like the old school style combined with Denzels unique characteristics
"he shootin' vr, we got guns in reality" ⚰️😦
Traced animation, so many. Dissapointed it happens AGAIN after that stuff with playstation ugh
Denzel and Kenny are a perfect comedic duo.
All we've gotten is ep's since TA13OO and he's went above and beyond on each one, think about how hard it's going to be when he drops an album.
Already on my playlist. FIRE
Whoever animated this MV stole animations from Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Legend of Korra, and more
R.I.P Betty
Why is there a bunch of traced animation?
huh someone traced over Naruto and Cowboy Bebop, ironic given the content of the song.
Garbage Day Productions
the animator traced several sources
I could hear this song at the end of a movie
The whoole animation is directly stolen from anime fights, they didn't even try to remove the naruto run from some of the scene they traced from Naruto. And they didn't even mention it or credit the original artists !!!!
Why would you copy so many iconic scenes from anime?
Cowboy bebop, gurren lagan, naruto, legend of korra etc...

it's pretty sad that the animators are plagiarism the shit out of this...
you should hire some actual artists and try to bring original choreographies...

Honestly man, the song is good and it doesn't deserve this traced shit.