Healy - Reckless (Official Video)

Video by Healy + Coming of Age

Directed and edited by Mattias Russo-Larsson

Produced by Lewis Atallah


Beach boys on the ride home

I can get there with my eyes closed

Exactly 34 minutes after I pull out your driveway

You dial my phone

Paper cover rock

Scripture cover Peter

Yeah I'm cutting off my locks

and I'm changing my demeanor

Pool days, high tops

with my blue face, ice pops

I'ma make a shoelace necklace

Yeah we whipping pop's old Lexus

and I'm skipping school days, mic drops

Eyes on summer like cyclops

Yeah we fallin' off the sidewalk

Momma wants you home before nightfall

Summer come and I ain't got a new car

Yeah I'm still getting scooped up

Call me by my first letter "aye E whats up?"

Every now and then city need a refresher

Breaking up to Sufjan

Wake up on your futon

Why you in my crewneck, wait

(I really like that shirt)

Jerry's line too long

Teenage mutant

Coming out of my shell, aye

Yeah this be that cornerpiece, cornerstone

10 piece, Corner sto'

Skinned knees, cortisone

and ex links, chromosome

Summer feet, cobblestone

Momma leave, home alone

On my feet, Chuckie T's

On my sleeve, Corazón

'99 titans

Close to my goals, yeah

Look like Kevin Dyson

When my curfew getting closer

Hand me downs

Pick me ups

Dark side

Shouts Ryan

In my hood

Call it buck

You can't stand me

You legless

Might grow my hair long

Like Legolas

Yeah i'm feeling ruthless, reckless

#Healy #Reckless

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What's good y'all! Hope you guys dig what we did here with Reckless -- https://smarturl.it/xreckless
Gottem Boi
Healy makes great songs, but doesn’t post tons. We need to get this man subscribers
this song and the whole subluxe album is the soundtrack of my summer. i can't tell you how many times i lounged in the pool listening to it. thank you for making such great music!! this mv was worth waiting for!
Lindon Horn
Those colors and tones are so rich. Everything about the cinematography and editing is dope. It fits the style of the track dead on.
This album still in heavy rotation
Andrew Douglas
Syd The Silly Kid
Josh Palmer
i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of this song
IsaiahTheGod 01
when i saw this i yelled and all the dogs around the neighborhood began to bark
This how i picture 95% of people in LA, all out here living their best lives
Jackboy Hunter
I'm chillin here, excited outta my mind
JJK 97
yo this is dope
now drop new music or im taking ur knee caps
The Great Bergamo
The man cut the locks. Noooo. But heyyy!
can’t wait😎
Karl Wilson
Bro, you have no idea how much I've listened to your music since finding it on YouTube early last year 😅 (Reckless being the first song I heard) your whole album is so chill and easy to listen to.
Keep it coming man! You have a huge fan here in England trying to get your music out there.
Big love bro.
This has remained my favourite song ever since it has come out
door was stuck
Healy: uploads

everyone on planet earth: 👀
Drew Aponte
Ol girl’s pops was straight struuuuuuuutin down the street 😂😂😂😂
Takis For You
I love the part where Healy dances and the cashier starts yelling at him