Tenille Townes - Holding Out for the One (Audio)

I wanted to put out this EP to continue to tell the story of these songs. This EP is for everyone that has been on this road with me so far…the ones who have shared their stories at the shows and in messages and who have given these songs a home. You have shaped me and shaped the meaning of The Lemonade Stand. I’m so excited to walk on this Road to the Lemonade Stand with you.

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Tenille Townes - Holding Out for the One (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
How can anyone not like this? It's fantastic!!!
Addison Parsons
this song has inspired me not to care what others think of me, and that i dont need to do what others expect, you have helped me through so many hard time Tenille Townes . YOU ARE MY HERO. i have been listening to this song since the day it came out . my teacher showed me and i emediatly fell in love with it.
Love that one! Road to the Lemonade Stand is full of hits!
David achigan
You’ll see Tenille will top the charts soon! Great music.
Phil Hf77fnr
Great Song. I would love to produce the video for this song.
kevin lyon
Best new Artist !!! Tenille Townes :) :) :) :).
Shadow Master
This is so good keep doing what you’re doing
erik rodriguez
Holding Out For The One Is A Wonderfull Brand New Song Tenille It,s So Very Nice Your Music Is Beautifull And Wonderfull.
Fiona Beardsley
This song is so good!! Your songs always hit in the right place!!
wesley rempel
this is another hit on tenille hands its a great song
Shounak Dutta
Just amazing!!!💕
Dwayne Seed
Love your music and that voice wow girl u can sing Canadian Girl
Mark Armstrong
Awesome upbeat song Tenille!!! Amazing as always 💞
Samantha Woodworth
You did it again anther amazing song ❤😍❤
Kellie Williams
One time for the mile high city !!!!
Country Music Chart
Awesome new song/EP! Please come and play at Vancouver/Abbotsford! -Hiroki