G-Eazy - Still Be Friends (Audio) ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga

Raiyan Fazal
“Still be friends” - On a condom packet😂😂
I’m imagining choreography to go with this song and I’m not even a dancer
Peti csatorna
Imagine G-Eazy, Tyga, and Post Malone in a song together
Mr Ezex
Producer: So what you want for the cover of this song, diamonds, money, cars?

G-Eazy: A condom
Gonzalo Ortiz
How can we “Still be friends” when we’ll never be “Just Friends.”
tammy deetz
Meow to it all BUT as someone pointed out GEazy excluded "Gemini" not sure how to feel right now. Anywho...turnt up & really loved it :)
“She not my girl no we just friends “ uhhh Megannnn the stallion
Haii People
So this is why G-Eazy's girlfriend was worried when he said him and Meg were just "Friends"Got you XD
"Tell her man relax, she'll make it home by curfew" imagine saying that to someone 🤣
Who Cares
Okay this is creepy, I‘ve literally been sleeping with my crush for the pass two weeks, but today he said he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Today I got recommended this song. Should I be worried...?
The Trap-man
The way tyga rides this type of beats Is truly epic
Tek Mengistu
This song could be the reason behind global warming.

Fire + Gas + Thunder: litness level 200
If this was a Tyga song it would top the charts
Celia Daisy
Im gonna put a condom on my speaker whenever i listen to this song!! And no Pusha did not use AUTHENT!C V!EWS D0T C0M just like SOSA did!!!
Everyone's sleepin with each other. No surprises here
Tyga just repeats everything he raps in his other songs.
Tory Lanez part is just too good, the flow is crazy good 🙌🏻. Let’s getttttt ittttttttt, lit song G!
Adam Paolillo
G Eazy to Tyga: Like your verse on taste, but better

Tyga: Say less
Autumn Urquhart
Y’all are crazy if you think it’s about Halsey. This was for Megan Thee Stallion 😂😉
Jerneisha Bell
The fact that's it's a condom with still be friends on it.....