Spice - Rolling (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for "Rolling" by Spice

Directed by Spice and Xtreme Arts

Shot and Edited by Xtreme Arts

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Sage Mchottie
This woman really is a creative genius and we don’t deserve her. I just love how she’s just different and stay in her lane and just living her best life. She makes me proud to be a true black Jamaican. Big up yuh self mumma spice. 😇😇😇
This is the most entertaining magnum tonic wine commercial I've ever seen.
Jevane Ricketts
Who else realize that there is no bad word in spice song?🤣🤣
Oshane Cameron
Who notice she a promote magnum tonic wine?
Sheka Morgan
Love how she neva left out her dancers!!
Lashorn Barnarde
Love how spice always interact with her dancers unlike other female artist
Her Majesty Queen
This song reminds me of Tina Turner, Rolling by the river, but this song is like a reggae version of it kind of.
Carsha Thomas
Spice better be getting a hefty check from advertising magnum tonic liquor

The video should've stayed in black and whitehite colours in film/video
Lee Laldee
I know we all joke about it from time to time but When we getting a Jamaican or Caribbean gymnastics team. ? 🏅
Üñäñïmōüs Lüpë
The hardest working female inna Dancehall, oops mi figet seh a suh royal empress dweet #QueenSpice ☝️💯🔥
Carsha Thomas
The 40's to 70's looks needs to come back in. Too many women and men are walking around naked
Oral Reid
Spice is more than just an artist; truly a phenomenal woman.
Jevane Ricketts
She is di baddest in dancehall. Shenseea have a whole management team and still cant direct a video and spit bars like spice. Yall thats disrespect to compare her to spice. Spice is a genius
Luna Lea
This one is 🔥🔥, great to see all the "throwback" to Motown, Doowop, Beauty Shop and Black Excellence!👑💄💚
tasha knowles
Did she just flip tf into a split in heels? Yall can never hate on the woman called SPICE!!!
India M
I love spice my gyal but her music is starting to much the sound the same... Is it just me
lucky lou
Rate spice nuh specially how she does look out for her dancer thm💕💕💕💯🙌🏾
Taal Boss
SAS christ....Spice thicker than bulletproof glass at the corner stores in Liberty City! I'm happy I've working out for years now, and I can lift all that thickness 🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏾🦵🏾
Bravo Ms Spice, this video was a Perfect example of what Artist do. Take the present or past and infuse it with Jamaican culture and you get an Original Masterpiece...Standing Ovation
Spice continues to PUSH & OPEN the creativity envelope. This Is Nice