Alicia Keys - Underdog in the Live Lounge

Alicia Keys performs Underdog in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Alicia Keys - Underdog in the Live Lounge Смотреть онлайн
Valerie Stone
There are few artists who's making rlly good music nowadays and she's one of them. This song is so beautiful !
Robin dunford
Alicia is just such a special artist, and genuinely nice to go with it.
one piece of my heart is always reserved for Alicia.
Ksenija Jemensek
I love this song in each and every version. It’s a brilliant song with meaningful lyrics and Alicia’s magic silky voice. I wish I meet her one day because she lifts people up with her positive energy.
I love how she hyped up the background singers, she is so humble
In 2020 this is one of the truly good song. Nice work Alicia.
sangeetha v
This is exactly what I needed right now
AM i the only person expecting to see ger do the hair twirl with the braid
25 cm
how could someone dislike this ?
caspar harte
Rise up my people. We got this! What ever level keep rising!!
Bless up Alicia we enjoy ur music
B Sisters
I think I saw this before
Deja Vu😂!!
Love her and this song❤
Aryelle Marinho
A mulher é um furacão!❤️🎶
Vancral Charles
Haiti 🇭🇹is watching now respect Alicia Keys ❤🙌🙌
Phani Davuluru
What's wrong with the world ??
Only 11k views ?
Dmitry Xo
The best song of 2020 is here 👀😍
Tina Ferringer-Cotherman
You are rockin it queen! I love the message to the story of the song! It is dope asf love you!🔥😘💜🔥
hailee selena
love ur music soooo much my talented lady.
come to Japan plz💖🇯🇵
Dil z
That's coool one
Lillian Christensen
She is amazing on every level. The music though, +++++++