J Bizz - Lay Low

Pulling from his own experiences as an entrepreneur, “Lay Low” embodies a mindset and a lifestyle. With a catchy trap beat, Bizz tells a story centered on the art of preparation in the pursuit of happiness. “The song is centered around locking in, laying low and getting yourself prepared to do whatever it is that you do, while watching the company that you keep,” Bizz states. Produced by PostMan, the song strikes a balanced chord between that of a creative and boss, employing the use of thoughtful lyricism and a theme centered around the art of focusing on the end result.


Mr. Good Evening (Videographer)

Kinship Studios

B. Teneille (story board)

Bre'shay Trotter (Lead Model)

Alyx (Car)

Chavo (Lighting/talent)

Tracey (Co-Director/talent)

JB (Lighting/talent)

PostMan (composer)

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I’m definitely lay low all 2020, it’s time to focus on me and my grind 😎
James Gabriel Gabriel
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