Elastica - Connection

Music video by Elastica performing Connection. (C) 1995 Geffen Records Inc.

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Anyone here from the 90's and not Captain Marvel!?
Marija Beišytė
she's so cold and monotone it's so beautiful
Emmanuel Morán
I don't care about Marvel movies. Im here because I remembered that I used to listen this song on Mtv in the 00's
the lead singer, justine frischmann, was in a relationship with damon albarn. she was consuming too much heroin, and throwing her career away. the song BEETLEBUM by BLUR is about her
Emily Leir
Everyone is talking about Captain Marvel, I was brought here because it played in the credits of Derry Girls.
Props to early '90s androgynistic British glam rock.
no comment
The Wire - Three Girl Rhumba
Blackn Rawmoto
Riding on any wave,
That is the luck you crave,
They don't believe it now,
They just think it's stupid,
So got anything?
Anyone could have done,
Who would've cared at all,
not you.
Another heart has made the trade,
Forget it, forget it, forget it,
I don't understand how a heart is a spade,
But somehow the vital connection is made.
Riding on anything,
Anything's good enough,
Who would've thought it of
Someone like you,
Just as they brought me round,
Now that they brought you down,
Roundabout and roundabout
Who wants a life anyway?
Another heart has made the grade,
Forget it, forget it, forget it,
I don't understand how the last card is played,
But somehow the vital connection is made.
The woman who launched a thousand ships in the Nineties -- Justine Frischmann. If I had both Brett Anderson and Damon Albarn helplessly in love with me ... Goddamn.
Greetings Captain Marvel fans... welcome to the 90s, when music was awesome.
Paul Thomas
The lesbian hair cut and indifference is paradoxically what makes her so hot.
Come here again after watching captain Marvel. A little bit nostalgia
Gears Black
Really glad I wasn't brought here by a movie. I actually listened to this song in the 90's. :b
Jordan Fritzsche
This makes me miss Trigger Happy TV 
And still 20 years later, I will still jump around like a fool when this song comes on.
Noneof Yourbusiness
Thanks to season 2 of Derry Girls for reminding me how cool this song is.
Jeremy H.
Interesting choice by Marvel for their new trailer.
Mam I loved the chick bands of the '90s. Elastica, L7, Veruca Salt, The Breeders. Chicks knew how to kick ass back then.
Rockstar Dude
Here after "Captain Marvel" new trailer.
Hey, it's Wire's THREE GIRL RHUMBA.