Cornershop - Brimful of Asha - Official Music Video (Original) (Tjinder Singh)

Cornershop continue strongly on their very own label ample play records at This original Brimful of Asha was part of Spin Magazines No1 Album of The Year, & also No.1 in John Peels, BBC Festive 50 - high praise. But it is to this album and others by Cornershop that we would like you to turn, for they have continued to come out with groundbreaking fresh albums - they have become known 'as the greatest cult band of the last 20 years', & each one of these albums have been known as 'criminally underrated'. As good as this praise is, we would like it to be as upbeat as this group can make people feel. Only yesterday someone tweeted 'Both my kids are big Cornershop fans. Louis (8) thinks it's also the best name ever'. We are gaining new supporters & urge you to support us. Please also check out other tracks from CornershopHQ on YouTube, our website at, learn more about their evergreen musical catalogue, follow us on twitter..etc...This independent, self released band needs your independent self - please join us, & help spread the word:

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha - Official Music Video (Original) (Tjinder Singh) Смотреть онлайн
Hugo Stiglitz
Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.
I like the part when they sing about the 45
Haven't heard this in a while, unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes and the smell of CK One to my mind.  1997, but feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at once for me the second this song started.  That was a rough time in my life, but I knew some great people.  Really something how much life can completely change in not even 20 years.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time for just a day to take pictures.  Memories fade, but songs like this bring them back like nothing else.   
Clint Walker
 Mohammed Rafi (45)
Lata Mangeshkar (45)
Solid-state radio (45)
Ferguson mono (45)
Bande publique (45)
Jacques Dutronc and the Bolan Boogie
The heavy hitters and the chi-chi music
All India Radio (45)
Two-in-ones (45)
Argo Records (45)
Trojan Records (45)
In all honesty, everybody does need a bosom for a pillow.
hi @Philzy2k7 thanks for that. No we are not annoyed, how can we be, it's like asking Norman if he's annoyed that it was his most famous hit? We like both versions, and we are very happy that as people mature in their years they start to go more for the original. Moreover, its a song that represents the group quite wholly - the love of vinyl plastic records, with politics about not caring about Government warnings, that will always be relevant, whatever your years. Time is on our side.
Santosh Subba atd
This song was an tribute to indian playback singer asha bosle and about bollywood.
With some interesting logic and old pop feeling.
It was #1 in Uk chart those days and #12 in Us and #3 in ireland
Johann Presents The Catrina Blog
The 90s sure were alot like the 60s.
Ho Chi Mints
I've never heard the original version, after all these 19 years. Wow...the song is pretty chill, different from the remix.
That girl just wrecked her dad's record collection
Finally found this damn song. It gets played once in a while at my work and I can't get it out of my brain. Had to do a Google search for: Song that keeps repeating "45". Buying this album TODAY!
James Bell jr.
This was a underrated gem of a record!
Dutronc is not Indian, Bosoms aren't all Indian, 45RPM records are not all Indian - you know you are beginning to get my goat - that's Indian.
1997, what a good year. Peace,
Josh Martin
I have spent the last 6 months trying to find this song, I could never hear enough of the lyrics to find the song.... that chorus !

all is good in the world
Yasmin Khan
That girl is so SO PRETTY!
Ross Riddell
This is so simple yet so brilliant, fuck I love this song. my fave jam of the 90s
That's great, Tjinder has been waiting for years anlysis and appreciation like that, i'm sure it has made him very happy.
I can clearly remember singing this song in my bedroom as a kid... no clue what the words meant but sang along anyway
45, 33 and 78 are typical revolutions (turns) per minute. These are speeds, whereas record sizes are typically 7" (inch) 12" and every now and then 10".