Justin Bieber - Yummy (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2020)

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Everyone else: Let's Use a green screen for special effects
Bieber: I love green
butterflies inside closets
he looks like a farmer who's singing about his harvest.
Mirembe Katende
Justin: *Just woke up * manager:get out of there time to sing
Meg Go
I can’t take him seriously with the mustache I’m sorry
Landon Nash
Can't believe he can still sing even with all his health issues he's been struggling with.
Peace & Faith
Y'all are annoying. If he wants to have a mustache, he can, it's his face.
Manager: So now, let's wait for the fans to edit this shit.
Drew is my Bae
That mustache bleached hair looks like an 80’s porn Star.
So nobody is going to talk about his shoes looking like oversized Mickey Mouse shoes?
I Purple You
He looks like he forgot he was performing and just got out of bed
Jay Lethal
Who was waiting for the green screen effects that never came
Zhen zhang
Let's take a moment to appreciate his voice and performance tho everything he faced lately 💔 he's a 100% artist
Dawood Khan
His voice changed.... It's really hard do sing and dance

I'm really happy that he is back
I'm his biggest fan
He looked so nervous at first but once he started dancing, you could see he finally felt comfortable and was genuinely having fun performing again. So happy to see him back!!!
Priyesh Patel
The way he hugged that background dancer in the end says a lot about him!
Gautham Krishna
I don't know why people say that he use autotune. I never felt that.
2010: Baby/Love Me
2011: Mistletoe
2012: As long as you love me/Boyfriend
2013: All that matters
2014: Confident
2015: What do you mean/Sorry/love yourself
2016: Let me love you/Company
2017: Friends/Despacito
2018: No brainer
2019: 10,000 hours/ I don’t care
2020: Yummy /Get me/Intentions/
A decade of amazing songs ❤️ Love you Justin
Harel Asaf
Selena: Kill 'em with kindness
Justin: What do you mean?
Ariana:Hey! Focus on me !
Justin: Sorry, I dont care
Billie: WOW you're the bad guy Justin!
Taylor: You need to calm down guys
Ed: You're so Perfect Taylor but where is Rihanna?
Rihanna: Sry im going to work, Bruno youre coming?
Bruno: Nah, today i dont feel like doing anything
Camila: Liar, you just dont want to see her
Bruno: omg no! I love her just the way she are
Jason: ok shut you guys! GOODBYE!
Helen Olivas Music
So he's now actually looking like a man and not a boy anymore, took forever. I'm not a fan but he definitely has a nice buttery voice.
The King David Project
Why tf he look like he aged 5 years overnight