Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here - (Official Audio Video)

The official audio for Luke Bryan’s Born Here Live Here Die Here



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Music video by Luke Bryan performing Born Here Live Here Die Here (Audio). © 2020 Row Crop Records, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here - (Official Audio Video) Смотреть онлайн
Lindsay Mirsky
I really love Luke Bryan he is my number one favorite country artist❤all of his music is amazing and I love all of his songs always💙 I have all of Luke Bryan CDs and I listen to them every day because he is a truly one incredible country artist that is my favorite💜 I love Luke Bryan he is definitely the best country artist ever💞
Malorey Murray
I love you Luke Bryan I will love so have the best music ever I will love to meet you
Debbie Smitherman
This is a most beautiful song that I have heard lately. OMG Luke I love you. I love these types of songs it makes me think of where I was raised and my dad of all the hard work he done for the family. I live on a farm and I get every word of this song. I'm proud of where I come from. Thank you Luke for this amazing song. Gotta love Luke and his music. ♥♥♥ This song relates to a lot of people and that's what I'm most proud of about Luke he knows first hand about the lyrics of this song and gives his fans a song that they relate to. ♥♥♥
Natalia Stornello
Has he ever had a bad song?!
Hello Luke 🙏 It would be cool if you read my comment. I am a pianist / guitarist from France and I know people write this all the time, but I think I can make a difference. I make my own songs and videos myself and make a new video every month in another country. If you could enjoy my songs, I would be a little closer to realizing my dream. You will not be disappointed. Just give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thanks 🙏

Merci beaucoup pour votre attention. En espérant que vous aimiez mes composition et mon travail ❤️
Todd Clark
Born there live here, but I'll die anywhere wherever she is. Love you song Luke. Thanks, buddy.
Seth Morton
I clicked so fast, who else?
Molly Thomas
I love luke bryan and every song he has sung i will remeber for the rest of my life. He is my idol.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ben Collinge
finally some steel guitar!!
50 shades of Micheals hair
I'm here !!! Yes I knew staying up be a good thing ! Happy valentine y'all
Tegan Fowler
The album isn't even released yet and this is already one of my favorite songs❤️
Janet Butler
This song touches my heart so much I'm literally sitting here crying 😭😭 #lukebryan #bornhereliveherediehere #mynewthemesong
Brody Bradish
I not even 5 seconds in and I already decided it is my favorite song
Dyl Levine
This is awesome
Brayden Bradish
I am not even thirty seconds in a this is my favorite song anyone else
Sounds like a great song
De Fowl
Big fan of Luke Bryan he's a good ole country/romance artist
Tanya K
This will definitely hit #1!! Amazing song, Luke!!! Can’t freakin’ wait to hear the whole album in April!!! ❤️
jerren s
This makes me miss my hometown I want to move back when I turn 18. I miss it
Cassie Curtis
Holy frick I’m loving this new song bud!!!!