Josie Man - Uncomfortable (Audio)

Josie Man - Uncomfortable


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I wore my heart on my sleeve but it was getting faded

Just when I had enough of love

You turned up and change it


Am I right

To believe

This is all way too good to be true

Prove me wrong

Cos you’ve been making all the big moves

I’ve been told pretty lies

Like a million times

And all I know is


I love it when you're next to me

How you help me sleep

Then you don’t wanna leave at all

I love when your name comes up

When I feel the rush

How you’re always gonna break my fall

I love that you’re so good to me

Baby I can’t see

Any a problems here at all

you got me so comfortable

And It’s making me uncomfortable



It’s been a week in my feels

Way longer than I’d hope for

I’ll wait for you to mess it up

Cos how am I supposed to



[Middle 8]

Why did you have to go and me make me fall

Why did you

Why did you

Cos I’m about to go and risk it all

Why did you

Why did you



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