Tenille Townes - Holding Out for the One (Lyric Video)

I wanted to put out this EP to continue to tell the story of these songs. This EP is for everyone that has been on this road with me so far…the ones who have shared their stories at the shows and in messages and who have given these songs a home. You have shaped me and shaped the meaning of The Lemonade Stand. I’m so excited to walk on this Road to the Lemonade Stand with you.

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Tenille Townes - Holding Out for the One (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Phil Hf77fnr
Tenille, you maybe holding out for the one, but you definitely have a number one for this song. In your set list on tour, make this your last song of the night. It will leave a huge memory with your fans. GREAT SONG.
I like it when artists put the words some place [like the description] or on the video. :)
Thank you Tenille :)
Perfect song and really cute video! Thank you Tenille, the whole EP is fantastic <3
Mark Armstrong
I absolutely love your distinctively beautiful voice and that amazing vibe you portray!!!! Awesome as always Tenille 💐👌💝
Lester Law
Love this song. This artist
Shounak Dutta
Elizabeth Newberry
Beautifullll song