Weezer - My Name Is Jonas (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) ft. My Chemical Romance

Part of the AXE Music: One Night Only series, Weezer takes the stage in Los Angeles.

Weezer - My Name Is Jonas (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) ft. My Chemical Romance Смотреть онлайн
Rivers just looks like a stereotypical dad next to Gerard
S3nd h3lp
Weezer was uncool before it was cool to be uncool.
My favorite things about his video:
-Rivers saying 'My Chemical Romance' like a grandpa
-Gerard Way messing up on the lyrics and either pausing or mumbling until he remembers
-Gerard Way asking if he can crowd surf
honestly im so here for the clashing aesthetics of rivers khakis and sweater and gerards leather and hair dye
Two different types of rock stars
yee haw
Rivers and Gerard's voices suprisingly sound good together
I'm mad at myself for just finding this
Gerard looks like he would bully Rivers at school to be honest
Annick Delien
has frankie gone so small that I can't see him?
childish green subhuman
These two standing next to each other are the best/ funniest things ever. one with his red hair and leather everything while the other with his sweater and glasses. I love this
I'm not o-fucking-kay
I think Mikey was so happy that they didn't gave him the tambourine again
Scarlett Pepper
"Are we too old to crowd surf" HAHAHAHAHAHAH
i think it's cool that two very different bands can get together and play a song!! this is rad
Lee McQueen
Can't believe rivers is only 7 years older than Gerard.
faith terry
Mikey looks like he fits in with Weezer
I just got so emo that i feel apart.
Jonas Robin
That moment when your name is actually Jonas
haha rivers will always act like a loser no matter how god tier he is musically
Song Bird
Gerard grew up listening to horror punk and hardcore punk. He likes to take a rough approach to his live vocals. He's not off-key or anything. He just doesn't sing how some of you may like - which is fine. But MCR doesn't suck, considering they have far more complex song structures and intricate changes in their music. (Also, check out the MCR guitarist - Ray Toro - shredding the fuck out of that Les Paul.) Weezer is awesome too! They're not the same kind of band though. So don't try to compare them.
i love how gerard warned the crowd before stage diving awh