Weezer - Hash Pipe (Live at AXE Music One Night Only)

Music video by Weezer performing Hash Pipe live at AXE Music: One Night Only. (C) 2001 Geffen Records

Weezer - Hash Pipe (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
Lucas Lofrano
rivers dont know what to do without a guitar lel

ben bolt
1:35 needs to be a gif.
Connor Schultz
2:44 That's Elliott Morgan
I like it how Rivers casually touches his nipple after saying "the taste of a teat"
Spidey Vision
Rivers is going all Tom Delonge with his hash poipe
Dylan Gower
I gomma hash poipe
Fellow Homosapien
3:02 "I got my hash po-ipe
This was my inspirational song before I ran a half marathon last weekend.
Dan Braun
what an annoying looking crowd. obviously screened - lots of frat boy plants
Tomás Cullen
I love how the drums look like the Argentinian Flag :D
Finally, Brian gets to play a solo
Leon Barton
2018, this song of many to be brought up, is legit!
Smoke Em if you got em!
Oh no, he has his Hash Poipe!
Eli W
Why didn't they have Pat on drums?
Petopato Dumbledore
Rivers, maybe you should play the lead guitar and Patrick play the drums :v
Guitar hero live material right here! Put a GoPro Cam on the lead guitarist and filmed this shit, it would make a DLC that would fly off the shelves… Metaphorically speaking.
Marcy Gonzalez
Rivers looks so funny just dancing around lol
Akshai Wadhwani
0:41 Cuomo imitator much???
Patrick A.
2:44 Elliott C. Morgan
The Stobe
Jesus, Josh can still beat the hell out of dem skins.