My Morning Jacket - Golden (Live on Letterman)

Music video by My Morning Jacket performing Golden (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Improvisatichannel Music
It's so nice to see everyone showing some MMJ love because they totally are deserving of it!
I found out about them when It Still Moves just came out and bought it after a magazine said something like "This album might sound something like what Radiohead may have came up with if they embraced the slide guitar and a country spirit instead going the Kid A route after the Bends was released" (something kinda like that) and so I knew they must be awesome...and obviously that turned out to be true!

Then I went and saw them do their now legendary Bonarroo 04 performance.

They were the must see band of the festival for me because at this point I was addicted to their music so I was smart enough to get there early and get up front, I was also smart enough to realize that the time to take mushrooms for the first time ever was 45 minutes before they started to play so that couldn't' have worked out any better!

Best decision ever! haha Truly one of the best bands of our time and all time!
It's embarrassing, but I admit that I came across this amazing band by shopping at American Eagle when I was like 14 in 2004, I got a free dvd/cd with my purchase. I also heard The Shins for the first time in that cd
great taste in music brought me here
Michael Press
It just never gets old, this amazing song.  I agree with all these posts - soul, otherwordly, all of it.  Just beautiful.
Cota gibb succ zucc
im literally so emotional right now <3 <3 I cant stop feeling happiness , the tears rolling down my face <3 the warm embrace of love through sound its just so amazing
Marcos Estrada
Guys, the DRUMMER THOUGH! The whole time, is the heart and pulse!! Never skipped a beat!! Come on! Give it up for him!
Ahh this song has soul
Christopher Koehn
Don't even know what American Dad is lol
Mark Brayton
Heard them on the radio then i saw them on a PBS austin city limits show. had to search the internet , fell in love with MMJ so awesome
like this if you're tired of seeing the top comment of every fucking mmj video being about how cooler the original fans are than the fans from American dad. I first heard of them on American dad, and now they are my favorite band. I just saw them on tour with Bob dyaln and they were amazing, it changed my life (I was in the pit and jim james made eye contact with me omg!). Anyway everyone stop being snooty fucking hipsters and just enjoy the music, PLEASE.
Noa Baak
너가 오는 날이다
Scott Teague
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
lol guitar hero 5 was useful for SOMETHING... something amazing!
Spencer James
What you think American Dad did for MMJ: "Oh my lord! This band is on my favorite TV show! I'm going to listen to them because of American Dad! This is kind of similar to my favorite artist J-Biebs!" What American Dad actually did for MMJ: "Damn, this music is fucking awesome! I wish I had heard of this band when I was first born. Oh well, it's never too late to fall in love with a band. I'm gonna go listen to every song ever written by this God called Jim James and love him forever!"
woah. Why have I not known about this? Superb
Jessica Love
I'm singing on your behalf of words, thank you, you're song is beautiful. ....
scott eckert
Philosophy of Fiction
I liked the top comments even though I didn't know MMJ before American Dad. That's right, you heard me. Internet Badass.